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What is new in PHP 7.2 and its features list

Finally, PHP 7.2 is rolled out on 30th November 2017 And it comes with two new security features in the core, several smaller improvements, and some language legacy clean-ups. In the article, I will discuss what the new features, improvements, and changes are. New features in PHP 7.2 1. New object type A new type, object,

split php array into smaller chunk

In this post we will splitting an php array into smaller chunk might be useful for setting up a report, calendar or pagination on a site. Either way there are numerous ways to do this but the following seems to be the quickest and most reliable method. Function to split an php array into smaller

MySQL vs MySQLi in php

The mysqli and mysql  are the database extension which allows you to access the functionality provided by MySQL 4.1 and above. The PHP code consists of a core, with optional extensions to the core functionality. PHP's MySQL-related extensions, such as the MySQLi extension, and the MySQL extension, are implemented using the PHP extension framework. An